“I couldn`t possibly run a marathon…”

That`s what  I thought two years ago.Well, the odds were stacked against me. I was a non athletic woman in her late forties with three kids and a full time job.Time and talent were not on my side.

But maybe craziness was:I was daft enough to dream of it and to figure some way to make it happen.

I`m well on the road now. Clocked up twelve races in the last year. Miserable times but-since most of them are the first time I`ve run those distances, there`s lots of personal bests in there!

August 2011 Ten miles 1 hr 44 min 28ec

Sept 2011 Half marathon 2 hrs 16min 44ec

Jan 2012 5 Mile 45min 54 sec

May 2012 10 km 57 min 10 sec

July 2012 10 Km 57 59 sec

August 2012 10 mile 1hr 39 min 25sec

Sept 2012 half marathon 2 hours 8 min 57 sec

Oct 2012 Marathon 4 hrs 54 min 51 sec



One thought on ““I couldn`t possibly run a marathon…”

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