The Pre Mara Colly Wobbles

Ran on Saturday. Back where it all started some two years ago, around the stately grounds of Oldbridge House, Drogheda,

As a kid, I exactly wasn`t picked out for my athletic prowess., Yes, I loved gymnastics though I never swung around a high beam, loved the water, though I couldn`t swim properly and loved volleyball, though I frustrated my team mates with my inadequate ball skills..

I jogged a little as a teenager. Not very far, nor for very long. Took a stab at it as a student. And later, much later, as a twenty nine year old, I ran a 10 km race. Managed a sub hour one too. But I`d no clue about how to train properly, or even how to run a race, back then.

Almost twenty more jog free years rolled by before I was tempted to haul out my runners again. The lure? A 5km race in the Phoenix Park. The reason? I just needed to know I could go the distance.

So I started to jog around the grounds of the magnificent stately home. Starting with a shuffle from the car park to the gate and back.(Almost half a mile!) And building, til I could run around the grounds and down along the canal bank. (Two and a half miles)

It`s a favourite stomping ground for runners. There`s all kinds of circuits that can be run and re run there. There`s hill runs in it too. And, with grass underfoot. it`s kinder to knees.

Anyway, that`s where I ran on Saturday. Two circuits. Five miles. Enough to keep me in this tapering zone for the marathon.

Last night`s run took me through town. A final eight mile jog-very pleasant it was too-and, according to Higdon,the last longish run I`ll need before Race Day.

Hope he`s right. I`m getting very nervous about the marathon. Yes.I`ve done the training. And two year on from my first wobbly run I`ve done three half marathons and numerous shorter races.

But I`m a marathon virgin. Can I go the distance?I simply don`t know.


I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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