Nearly There!

Haven`t had time to get nervous yet. Actually pretty glad that this is Tapering Week. If it wasn`t, I would have tapered anyway, because the work life balance thing was slightly out of kilter.

This is a funny point in the marathon. Because it`s been such a major goal for me all year, and also something really big to have done in my lifetime(assuming I`ll do it of course), I think my head is shutting it out. I`m not nervous now. I`m certainly not over prepared. I feel just right. Glad I`m neither sick nor injured. Wouldn`t mind being lighter for it as that would make it easier on my body. But I`ve followed Hal`s training plan so there`s every reason to believe I can go out there on Monday and finish this. Yes, a 4hour 30 min time would be icing on the cake but not totally necessary.

Two days before The Big One, I am wrapping my head around marathon preparation. Emailed the following tips to my Run Buddy this morning. It`s a mixture of tips from the great marathon coach Hal Higdon and some check list stuff of my own.

Looking forward to the post marathon wrap up here.After the post marathon wrap up party in McGrattan`s of Dublin, of course!

Hal Tips

  • Drink to thirst. Don`t over drink.Women need 70% less drink than men.
  • Drink early on in race. Head for end table and left hand side tables if race crowded.  (Most, being right handed head for right side)Drink at least a cup of water
  • In closing stages of race water splashed on body may be better than water drank. “Water on as much as water in” is Hal`s motto.
  • Pour water down back so it doesn`t land in your shoes causing blisters
  • The cooler you are the better you run
  • Walk while drinking.
  • Tank up up to two hours before the run-gives time for pre race elimination-then when the pack starts to move-this could be a few mins after gun sounds
  • There are @440 left foot strikes in one mile.Or thereabouts. Work out your own over one mile. It will kill the mile for you.
  • Start concentrating before the race.
  • Keep focus throughout the race-know the landmarks to look out for at different points.
  • If you find it difficult to focus throughout the race, save your strategies for the last few miles.
  • At the end of the marathon after spending 5-10 min walking around and drinking, lie down and elevate your legs if you can to ease the flow of blood to the heart.

Well, that`s the Hal stuff. Go to for more running tips, and everything else. Or buy his book “Marathon”. Kinda regretting I didn`t actually read all of it before the Big Day. There`s a whole lot of good stuff in there.

In the Bag or Wearing

  • Safety pins
  • Body Glide
  • Change of running gear, undies, socks etc
  • Small towel
  • (May wear other running clothes up and change in Dublin-haven`t decided)
  • Will bring throwaway fleece
  • Visor cap/headband
  • Watch/Garmin
  • Sports sunglasses
  • Mobile
  • Headphones
  • Ipod
  • Shoe wallet for €20, train ticket
  • Arm wallets for phone, card, key, gels
  • Fleece
  • Number (Name on?)
  • Ponstan for before race
  • Diffeine for  after, if needed.
  • Plasters?Sandals in case feet are mush?
  • Deodorant
  • Baby wipes, tissues


I ate at 8.30 before 10.00 start of ½ mara-muesli, strong coffee. It worked for me.

Lunchbox of dry cereal-eat on train?

Train time 7.24 Malahide Going to get off at Pearsse. Will need strong coffee somewhere.

Third wave starts at 9.20.


I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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