Hal and Brooks and Me

Hal, Runners and Medal

Cheap and easy. No, not the best quality in a man or a woman, but its certainly one of running`s greatest attractions.

You can run in any old pair of shorts and top, really.Yep, layers on for winter. And yep, lycra`s better for reasons I might even be bothered to go into in another entry. And, if you`re a woman, or a certain kind of man, then the right sport`s bra is totally essential. But I`ll have to write a whole new entry for that one as I haven`t time to take pics of myself in the correct gear right now…

Anyway, here`s the real must-haves. Presenting THE book for any would be marathoners-Hal Higdon`s “Marathon”. It comes chock full of advice from the master coach himself and, best of all, marathon running plans for runners at any stage. From week one to week eighteen, he`ll tell you how much running you`ll need to do and at what pace.

And here`s the runners-Brooks GTS.I was a complete Asics freak until I switched to these. But hey, this is a case of one size definitely not fitting all. These suit me because there`s a little bit of support in them to compensate for my flat spogs.And they`re light. You`ve gotta get a proper shoe. No chainstore flat yokes.

With saying that, I`ve emerged with some foot issue from the marathon, so I`m going to take these runners with me to my podiatrist tomorrow and see what she thinks. I`m interested in the barefoot running stuff-as in vibram toed runners protecting my feet, not actual bare skin hitting the ground/glass/nails.

The yoke in the middle? That`ll be the Dublin City Marathon finisher`s medal. Ah, yes, a fine big clump of a thing to dangle of the car`s rearview mirror. It`s only there because of Hal and Brooks. Oh, and me of course.

But that`s a pic for another day


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