Back on the Road

Looked for my feet last night and couldn`t find them. No, they hadn`t done a runner. It`s just that, ten lazy days after the marathon, I`m bearing close resemblance to a Vietnamese pot bellied pig. My feet are in a permanent belly shadow.

`Twas enough to make me hit the road. A short slow run (SSR) ensued. Four miles. gently. Yay! I`m back training!

Aforementioned feet are doing ok. Left one still achy.Ran a mile the previous night just as a test run and, on Tuesday, got the bike out for a forty minute spin. Winter will mean back up plan for non running days. Crosstraining has been neglected anyway. So swims and bike rides will be the thing.

Raheny five mile at the end of January. Going to do a lot of interval training and shorter faster runs for that. Have a PB there that I need to beat.

Ok, later, gators!

I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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