Starting Five Mile Training Programme

Found the “Stats” button on today. Turns out I`ve zero views for my posts. Could`ve sworn I`d viewed them myself. Or maybe I`m such a miserable little flea in the blogging world that even my views don`t count. Oh well…

Onto something I used to do well. Running.

Yep, I`ve slacked off since the marathon. Not to worry. Seems David Rudisha takes three months off without running a step. My maxim is “If it`s good enough for a champ, then it`s good enough for me” Ha!

Just kidding. I think.

Still have an achy foot-just the left one and it`s a whole LOT better than it was last week. And a dodgy muscle in my left thigh. My knowledge of the skeleto-muscular system is abysmal. Notwithstanding the fact that I did honours Biology for my Leaving Cert. In fairness, that what about one hundred years ago. They`ve probably evolved whole new names for muscles since then. And whole new muscles, even. In fact, I am living testimony that humans can grow muscles where no other muscles ever existed before. Cue pic of my serious quads. Damn, camera battery just died…

Did run this past week though. Did ten miles in all. Including two four mile runs which my feet survived quite nicely.

I am now lining up my five mile training programme for next January`s Raheny run.

Greg McMillan looks like he has the scoop on that programme.A change from marathon training as I`ll be working harder and faster over shorter distances. I`ll be heading to the grass track for as much of this as I can. My feet need softer ground and even at that, may not tolerate too much training. I`ll just have to see how it goes.

Not too excited if it doesn`t work out at first. After all, it`s an eight week programme so, given that the five miler is on at the end of January, time is well on my side. It`s pretty important that my feet keep healing. Have been doing the on again/off again thing with the orthotics. Not even sure they`ll help but this week, I`ll try them at least for a mile or two of running to see what the score is.

Either way, it will be good to be back on the road properly again.


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