Wet Gear

Meet my wet gear. No, I`m not training for a triathlon(yet). One of the downsides to running in a wet climate is that, yes, that`s right, you get wet.You`d think, being a native of said wet climate, I`d have adapted to rain but not so. In fact, I`ve merely evolved to be rain specific. I actually welcome a light mist-very cooling.But the rain of the long cold nails sort? Yep, I`ve a complete aversion to that.

Tonight`s rain was a hybrid of mist `n nails. Wet gear called for. But I sweat buckets in the normal plasticky wet suity stuff. So I go for layering. As you`ll see from above pic, colour combo is not a priority. Industrial bra is a must,regardless of weather. Over that- my concession to winter-a thermal layer. Then lycra t and leggings. Fleece cap and jacket are my cold rain defences and bam! luminous gilet over the lot.

Ran four miles in that gear tonight. Think I should get extra brownie/fitness/calorie loss points for running in the rain but hey, I`ll settle for being happy that I can run at all.

Last night`s training involved the fastest interval session in history. Couldn`t wait to get home. Felt lousy. Felt I`d never run again. Felt a major respiratory thingy was about to bite me in the lungs and was so so tired. Nine and half hours in bed seems to have cured that, and today-ta!da!-I`m back!

And sodden wet doesn`t always equal miserable. When the run in the rain is done, there`s a major self congratulations kicking in, along with the endorphs. Yep, did it. Didn`t let those cold nails get to me.If I can beat that cold rain I can beat anything. Cue determination. Cue theme music from Rocky.

Yeah! go me! Rock on!


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