Red Hen Swim



Yep, I`m nuts.

For one thing, the Liffey Swim is 2.2 km. I`m able to do .2 km. And only with the breaststoke. Can`t sustain freestyle for even that length. Yep, I should just stop there.

And there are other considerations.

The Liffey is filthy. I went along to see it last summer and a bystander told me that a chap from the previous year`s race was still sick from Weil`s disease. Yuck!

Oh, and let`s not forget that I have yet to swim freestyle properly.

But I`ve been a bystander at that race for the past three years. It fascinates me. From watching the swimmers plunge into the murky waters off the pontoon, to seeing all those pink bodies being disengorged from under O Connell bridge, and onwards and onwards, towards the bobbing Jeannie Johnson and to the Conference Centre tilting towards the heavens.

The challenge fascinates me. Just like running 26.2 miles does. I can make my poor body do that just because I want to.

Anyway, I`m going to keep swimming. Need it to iron out the kinks in my body and to improve my feet. I still haven`t recovered sufficiently from the marathon to get back to full running mileage either so swimming will keep my fitness levels up.

But I can tell you, every time I plunge into the crystal clear waters of the gym pool I will, for sure, I`ll be thinking of how I can work my way to the Liffey.

Running update? Mileage way down. Succumbed to a minor chest infection this week. Slept it off and kept the feet up.I feel like I am still in marathon recovery mode. Feet are still tender but improved. Testing all systems out with a five mile run today.

And a swim, of course.


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