Changing Tempo


Shiver! Running in winter is a delight! Well, unless it`s on frosted roads. But, when that happens, I take to the fields.

Mileage isn`t the aim, post marathon. I`m coming out of recovery mode this week but looking to recover my mojo.Bringing the camera along last weekend, helped tick that box. What a delight it was to be all warmed up in multiple layers, feel the cold on my face and delight in the frosted countryside. Everything looks so much more enticing when the sun is low on the horizon and Jack Frost has glazed the entire scene, so a photojog is a must.

Intervals are a must all so. With lower mileage, I`m increasing speed. `Tis all relative of course. To a young lad, I`m still a shuffling old granny, but in my head, I feel like an Amazonian warrior pursuing her quarry. Ah, the delusions of old age. Love it!

So, three three milers done so far this week. And one of them incorporated a moonlit beach stretch.

Oh, and have been swimming too. Just the one session. But will  fit in two more this week.It serves as a post run stretch out, as well as breaking ground for any swimming goals I am aspiring to next year.

Yes, but as I write all this, I can`t help thinking that I should be doing more on all fronts.


I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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