Head Stuff

Head Stuff

This is where I run to on Sundays.Its a six mile trot from where I park the car, then glide along the canal and riverside, loop back, then home again.

Yeah, sounds easy. But not to me. And not yesterday. All systems go. Legs fine, feet check, breathing check, heart, check. But the head was in a bad place.

It grumbled from the get go like some errant teenager. Told me it wanted to stop countless times. Complained about the drizzle, the cold, the fleece being removed, then put back on.Couldn`t please it.

On the loop home I realised I`d have to relax. Not mind speed or time. Just let the legs go. Not look too far ahead or think about the miles in front or behind. Just chill. Kind of meditative mode.

Instantly felt better. Just unwound the spring. The end of the arguments.

I needed the six miles in the legs. This week`s runs were fast but short and I`ve got to keep some kind of distance in there too. Glad I found a solution for the head stuff too.


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