Headlights and Wipers

December Driving

The rain was almost incessant, the cold bone-penetrating, on Thursday.  I fled work as soon as I could though, because I really HAD to get a run in. I am running every second day at this stage. And mainly around three-four mile mark. Clinging on to some vestigial fitness then. If I miss a day on this slacker`s schedule, I`ll be watching two years of bloody hard work go down the tubes. And, much though I DETEST cold rain, I knew, this time. I`d have to embrace it.

See above pic. Yep, I`ll confess to taking my hand off the steering wheel to take that. What you can`t see in the pic is the time:just three thirty, and already the the skies are almost in darkness. Rain, wipers and carlights in abundance. And bloody cold.

It`s  a shame that I don`t get double fitness points for running in such miserable conditions. But at least I run faster then. Just to stay warm. And that evening, I`d donned base layer, t shirt and TWO fleece jackets. Plus ski socks over my leggings.

Actually, I could write a whole other entry about said ski socks. I`m wearing them right now. That`s right. In bed. They are seriously comfy…

Anyway, ski sock addiction aside, this week saw me at least sticking to my schedule. Long run Sunday-six miles, three and half fast miles Tues, Thurs and now I`m off for another six mile trot. On the swimming front, I swam Monday, Wednesday fifty and sixty lengths respectively. I don`t know if this is enough to keep my fitness pepped up over winter. But it`s necessary because the foot tenderness issues are still there.I`d rather stick to this level of running than aggravate that.

Off to buy Danny Dreyer`s “Chi Running”`. It`s supposed to be the biz for injury free running.

I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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