A Year in Review

This whole running lark took on a new lease of life on the eleventh of November last year. Yes, 11/11/11. And no, I`m not a new age or a numerology freak. It just was my way of working through a miserable time of the year. Set the goals early, was the thinking and work through Christmas rather than laying about like a slug.

So, I planned to run eleven or twelve races to include a half marathon and the Dublin City Marathon. Oh, yes and to run that goal chart to the 12/12/12. Feck the Mayans, it`s just because I like the symmetry.

It worked like a charm. Having races strung out over the year, kept me on my toes.(Sorry, that pun was too tempting to be ignored). And the goldern globe that is the DCM glinted enticingly and came ever closer with each race. I started with the Howth Fat Turkey run in December.(Miserable time for a 10 k at I hr 6 min) and clipped bit off my personal bests through all runs culminating in a great(for me!) time on the September half at two hours eight minutes.

Yeah, happy with that.

Not so thrilled with the DCM time but 4 hours 54 minutes is grand for a first one.

Now, to the year ahead. Can`t say I`ve done a whole pile in the last week. The feet are still recovering with pain/discomfort receding to one major pressure point in the big toe joint.Cue one horrible word Bunion. Yep, I`m OLD.

I need to log my runs more. So from today, I`m flinging any bit of exercise in here with time/distance covered. That goes for the swimming too, though I`ll just state lengths for now.

I`m struggling with laziness and time constraints as well. And there`s nothing like laziness to take advantage of time constraints.

In any case, the week in review shows three four mile runs and two fifty/sixty lengty swims. Yeah, like where the swimming`s headed. Need for speed with the running though.

As to the year ahead. The plan is to run Raheny, Boyne 10 k,Clontarf half, Phoenix park half and DCM. They`re the definites. I`ve signed up for Park Run-they`re freebies in urban parks.I`ll sign up for any freebies in fact. And will run a charity run for Pieta House and also run DCM for charity this year.

All this is dependant on me being injury free of course. Something I`m a tad concerned about as the foot is taking so long to heal.And that`s another reason to keep swimming. My goal there is to complete a sea swim. Should the running bomb I`m open to pursuing swimming more and maybe even trying for the Liffey swim. It`s in the long term plan anyhow.A “maybe not this year but definitely next year” thingSPAR European Cross Country Championships - Sunday 9th December 2012

Can`t finish without mentioning this wonderful girl, Fionnuala Britton. We don`t hear half enough about women`s athletics here in this country. This little slip of a thing came first in the European Women`s Cross Country in Budapest this week. And is the first woman to win that title on the double. And, along with her team mates,Ava Hutchinson, Linda Byrne and Lizzie Lee also claimed team gold for Ireland. What inspiring women they are for our young athletes.Well done Team Ireland!


I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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