Been a Bad Girl This Week

Confession time. Was meant to do twenty miles this week. In the end up, I barely squeezed in twelve. Three four mile runs. Oh, and one fifty length swim.

Lots of excuses. Including Christmas and end of year concerts, and the kids and the solstice.,,

Actually, the solstice, though, has given me a bit of impetus. As it marks the lengthening of daylight hours, it is, as such, the true start of the new year. So I`m starting afresh today.

Ran four miles. Clipped along nicely, given my three days(gulp!) of rest.Feet still a tad bothersome. Mainly the left foot, big toe joint. (Note, I can`t say the word bunion. It`s just too old!)

Christmas holidays have commenced too. So, let this be the start of daily exercise. It`s a good time to get a headstart on all those new year`s resolutioners who insist on marking January as the new begining. I`m going to work right through Christmas Day. And honestly, I`m glad to have the excuse to fill up on some fresh air and endorphins.

Raheny 5 mile beckons at the end of January. Not even sure I`ll heed the call just yet. But will train for it, just the same.

Okay, another week ahead. Going to cycle and swim this week. And run twenty miles. Now, if I can hook up my Garmin forerunner I`ll be able to up my training another notch,We`ll see.


I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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