Boxing Clever Day

Christmas 2012 014Nomnomnomnom…

And that was only round one. I went back again, Oliver style, for more. Yep, gotta say, Christmas dinner is my all time favourite dinner. I don`t think I`d get tired of it even if I ate it every single day. No, I won`t put that one to the test though.

And yes, I was rewarding myself. Didn`t you know? I am an athlete, after all. I need my calories.

Ah yes, I run two days in a row and suddenly I am back in athlete mode again. Still, I deserve something after today`s run. Five miles in the pissing rain. C`mon, I must get extra points for running in the streaming rain. Extra calorie allowance, even. And for pushing on to do even more than I`d set out to do. I`d say that would entitle me to at least one thousand more calories, no? I ate them anyway. Cue pic of empty Lily O`Brien chocolate box….

I faffed about in bed this morning. While most of you would be happy to sleep, or whatever else you get up to in the sack. I was conducting some serious research on my android.

I found this. I`ve been meaning to log everything. Two years of running and I`ve only fragmentary evidence of me following any sort of training regime. Ok, the proofs in the body, but still…

I`ve thought about pen and paper. Oh and that dang Garmin I`ve yet to hook up. I`ve even used Runkeeper for a while but it kept crashing. And that was only when it stopped insisting on spreading my stats globally.

But Fetcheveryone has got pretty good reviews.Especially on Lazy Girl`s blog. Which is another good blog to dig around in itself.

Haven`t had time to investigate all of fetcheveryone. But the general idea is that you register, then throw in your times/distance every time you run. It keeps a record and spits out your stats any which way you want. Yep and it doesn`t just log your running, but also your swimming, cycling and tri stuff. It`s enough for me to hear that it`s a stat geek`s paradise for me to register and promise to root around there a lot more.Oh, and there`s a heap more stuff in it too, like race reports, an injury forum, and it`s all free.

Cue more bedtime with my android.

But back to today`s run. Yep, pissing rain. It put me in mind of last year`s Raheny five mile. Dang, but that was one stream of constant rain. It was a major help that the thing was so damn well organized and that everyone was so good humoured. But I distincly recall feeling so crap during it that I did not care about the seaview, or the brave people who cheered us on. I just wanted it all to end. Desperately.

I know I notched up Raheny for next month. Now, I`m not so sure if a January race is on the cards at all. Or even necessary.As I pounded down by the ramparts this morning, I had a serious think about next year`s goals. It has to be anything that gets me to a 4.15 marathon and a sub two hour half. Nothing else matters really. I`m all about endurance, not speed, so the shorter races won`t work for me. I know I can stay in the game. I know parkrun in Malahide, for example will give me the race buzz for nothing. I don`t actually need to sign up to everything in sight like I did last year.

So, over all good day. I learned a little about my targets, found a new way to log things. And justified laying around and eating.


I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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