One of the best things about running is that you get to run on Christmas Day. I`ve been through enough Christmasses to know the post dinner torpor that leaves you slumped on the sofa like a beached whale.There`s nothing to be said for it. And it leads to a cycle of eating and sleeping that can drag on til the New Year.

Way to kill it? Run!

You know you want to get out there anyway. Especially if the weather is dry, the air crisp and the skies blue. Just like yesterday, in fact.

I donned my marathon  t shirt. A kick in the ass reminder to self that I have to build up for next year`s marathon now.

Did a loop of my favourite field. Was actually trying to figure out exactly what road to take and this loop-maybe about a mile or less?-served as a warm up too.

As it happened, it was very mucky underfoot so I abandoned the idea of  a six mile double loop around the canal. Next thing I knew I was heading up the road and off for the long hill run that was such great preparation for all races last year.

This is about two miles of steadily uphil gradient. It sure breaks a sweat but, as you`re going up you know the halfway point comes somewhere before the top and that you`ve the pleasure of clipping down the hill soon to come.

And boy was that just so good. The air was really clear. Smells of slurry mixed with turned earth, and smoking firewood. Great visibility too. I could see ramblin green hills running off towards the pale blue skies. I think I`m so used to running in the dark now, that this amount of scenery is even more of a thrill for me. It was really easy to slip from feeling the groans and aches of my body to forgetting all about the little twinges and just enjoying the scene. It probably also helped that I`d had a two day break. My legs always thank me for that.

Probably ran five miles in total. Yes. I`m going to have to start measuring time and distance next. But, for Christmas Day, wasn`t it grand just to enjoy the run?


I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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