You`ll Never Walk Again


                                                                                                 Yep, I`m here!

What`s the point of being fit if you don`t use it to experience something different in your life,right?

Hmmm, yeah.

I could`ve done my first park run today. Could have repeated the 10 km run I`d great fun with last year. But I`d spotted a Meet up walking club and figured, yep, I`ll try a walk with them, just to see what it`s all about.

Running`s not as social. I`m often too busy breathing to talk. And I used to like walking, before I started running. If they walk quickly enough, for far enough, well, I won`t really need to run today then, will I?

Beautiful day in Dublin. Sun gleaming in a clear blue sky. And enough chill to make you move fast. Our group of thirty assembled near the beach. With Meet Up, it can be a different group every time and usually there`s a huge diversity of age and race in the groups I`ve been to anyway. This was a nice blend of delightful people. 

The tide was out too and it looked like we`d have a clear run, sorry, walk for our planned 8km trip. But, dammit, it was all downhill after that.

Yep, it was sociable. Enjoyed all the conversation. And the scenery was delightful. It included views of two very hardy souls diving into the waves.

But, gosh, I almost wished I could be with them. I found the walk itself just very frustrating.

It was a stroll. I actually found myself, at one point, excusing myself from one lovely lady and telling her sorry! I just have to move on. Boy, I just so wanted to run. And,much though I like to talk, I realised the bliss we have in running is that we can take in the entire scene without the need to focus on someone else. I`d rather see waves and clear blue skies than chat Helga from Helsinki.

Couldn`t believe, when we got half way-4km-that the group were actually going to stop for lunch. Lunch! I`d barely walked off the morning`s cup of coffee. Meh!

A couple of others baled out too, at that point, so I took my opportunity to leave with them. Thankfully, we took a brisker pace on the return trip. And, no, I couldn`t even indulge in the pleasure of running then either, as I was dressed for walking. Too many damned layers. And gloves.

The whole thing took two hours. Two hours! It reminded me why I got running in the first place. It really is a very efficient way to get fit.

Lesson learned. Cue music:-“You`ll Never Walk Again” Now, I`ve gotta kick ass tomorrow and do a really decent run. Wouldn`t mind but there`s damned rain forecast. But at least I can console myself with the thought that, yep, I can run!


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