River Run

Boyne Dec 30th


Does running along the beach or river bank have extra health benefits? Wouldn`t be surprised if it did. I`m happy in either place. But I particularly like my riverside runs. Love the dirt trail underfoot, love the many moods of the tidal river, love that it`s generally quiet. Love that it takes me right into the heart of the town through the squalls of seagulls and teeming traffic. Then I get to loop back again into the quiet of country life.

That`s where I was this morning. Its becoming my Sunday routine. Six miles of undiluted pleasure. Talk radio is usually quite entertaining at this time too, so I`ll generally throw on the headphones and alternate between listening to the weird ways of the world, while enjoying the scene around me.

The photo I snapped today doesn`t do it justice. But there`ll be improvements on that one in 2013 as I`ll certainly have lots of opportunities to capture better shots.Maybe even as soon as next week. Because it is, I am told, the start of Janathon Hadn`t known about janathon until lost jogger pointed it out.Yes, I desperately need the extra motivation. After three run free days, my thighs were screaming at me this afternoon. Evidently, the river run had reawakened some dormant muscles. A sure sign of a slacker.

The Janathon participants are expected to exercise and blog about it every day. A nice challenge, that. I need to get my bike out, as cycling to work is definitely on the agenda in 2013. And I also need to improve my swimming to cover another New Year`s Resolution. But running will be king. So I`m aiming to run five times a week, with three swims and one cycle.

Yes, I get very ambitious about my exercise regime when I`m sitting on my tod!

But anyway, I`m happy enough with today. It`s got the week off to a good start.


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