Nine Hundred and Ninety Six Miles To Run


Yay! I discovered how to insert the Janathon participant logo into my blog!

Janathon`s all about doing some form of exercise every day in January and blogging about it. I`ll all about something that kicks my ass out the door. I`ve come into the world with a very Big Lazy Sod button after all.It`s got an extra special enhancement too, in the form of my Super Powerful Procrastination Workkiller.

Take today for example. Didn`t run this morning. Had to go shop for my ever hungry trio of teens. Didn`t go this afternoon. Had to get an errant bulb fixed in my car. Didn`t go this evening. Cooked a delish turkey dinner for said teen trio. (And of course, they didn`t like it anyway…). Didn`t go later because I was sleeping off said dinner.

Seven thirty! My excuses have run out….Ok, it`s c c c cold out, It`s dark. But I`ve done all that before. Janathon awaits my great response. And I hear the call. Ok, runners at the ready….


****Edit: My winter night time route is a bleak patch that takes me from Lidl into town and back. Bleak, but well lit and often frequented by other runners. I also know it`s a four mile run in total, which is a grand distance for a maintenance run. Well, for me, anyway.

Grand run. Chilly but dry weather; perfect conditions for me. I threw on my earphones and got lost in some woebegone Swedish traveller`s tale about his trip to Ireland and clipped along the four miles at a ten minute per mile pace

I am tempted to also take on the 1,000 mile challenge as well this year.Hence the title of this post.

And one day down, only thirty more to go in Janathon!


I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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