Day Two and I`m falling by the wayside already…
Awake at an ungodly hour because Kid 1 needed to be dropped to the train station. Came home. Fooled around with the blog a bit. Dug into the vagaries of wordpress, snooped around to see what ye were all up to.What you were all up to can be followed at the footer thingy here on this blog.And it`s obviously pretty heavy stuff going on in there. In fact, I was worn out by it all and promptly went back to sleep.

That set up the pattern for the day. All gung ho activity, then crash.

Lots of reasons why I couldn`t run during daylight hours. Procrastinator mode was working overtime.Eventually-and only because of Janathon-I dragged my sorry ass out the door and went for….
…a walk. Excuse? Daughter wanted to come with me. She didn`t feel like running. I didn`t either. Match made in heaven.

So, I granted myself a Tired Pass. It works a lot like the old Homework Pass at school. Ok, so I didn`t actually earn it. But-and I`m only figuring this out as I type-I can have one Tired Day in every seven, right? And I have to run five times a week because this is mainly a running blog? Yep? So, for the next six days I MUST run, bike or swim.

Ok. Got that. Back to Work Mode tomorrow.

I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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