The Gear


Yep, this is me.All kitted out, ready to run. I`m staring down at my Brooks running shoes. Gotta love those guys. I`ve been wearing `em exclusively since August.Right through my four long slow runs for the marathon. And the marathon itself. Don`t think I`m going to change `em either. They`re working for me. Not falling apart yet. I liked my Asics way back when. Went through three pairs in a year. But these babies just seem to be wearing better and liking my peculiar feet better. So yeah, I`m a Brook`s Babe!

Luminosity is your friend.Yep. Gotta have it in this dull dark winter of ours. But, while I`d like to think of myself as Brooke`s Babe, in reality, I`m actually a Sweaty Pig. Can`t do those plastic luminous zip up jackets. I`ve tried but it`s like running in a sauna. This little number is just a luminous mesh bib with reflective thingamies front and rear. Not quite Christmas tree lights but yeah, enough warning for cars to dive into ditches at the sight of me.

Leggings. I`ve come a long way from wearing any old pair of baggy pants. I favour shorts in summer. Something to do with Sweaty Pig syndrome. But for winter, I`ve two pairs of these Karrimor leggings. Dead comfy. Not flattering but that`s more to do with my non athletic shape type than the leggings themselves. I actually look a whole lot better in a dress. Just find heels tricky to wear when I`m running….

Underarmour. A winter must have. I get mine in Aldi/Lidl. I keep my fashionista tendencies for work and evening wear. Under armour on me, is plainly all about comfort too. Yep, I`m sure Naomi Campbell could rock an Aldi base layer but I`m happy it fits and it absorbs all my Sweaty Pig productions.

Fleece. Gosh, I`d be lost without it. Typically I`ll run five hundred yards, then toss the fleece in a ditch and pick it up on my return trip.Or, if I`m running in town, I throw the fleece around my waist. It doubles then an extra arse coverage so people have no idea about all that saddle bag stuff that`s going on underneath. 😉  Run over, fleece is on again. Love the lightweight feel of it.

Ski socks. Yep. Also from Lidl. I`m done with buying fancy pants double layered running socks. Paid €15 for a pair of Hillys last summer. Ended up ripping them off at the September half marathon. Not sayin` they won`t work for you. But they were sheer torture for my feet.Ski socks, probably because of the extra padding, are really working for me this winter.

Bra. Given my proportions, industrial bras only need apply. I`m a Shock Absorber girl. Have two pairs. Black and white. They keep everything in place and stock still. Today, I`m a Dunnes` Stores girl too Think that particular sports bra was a tenner and yep, it`s working for me. Tried a Saucony front loading thing last summer. OMG. Poured the babies into it, zipped up, tore off and what do you know but half a mile down the road, the zip split…Yep, that would be me walking back up the road in running gear with arms folded and whistling nonchalantly as if I were out for a gentle stroll.So no more front loading for me, thank you.

That`s me all kitted out for today`s run and yep, I did it! Five point four miles. Yep, I`ll take that, thanks! And it was a hill run. Almost two and half miles of steady(i.e. very slow plodding) miles up Killer Hill.

If you want pics of Irish countryside and said Killer Hill on a wintry day, stay tooned. Gonna post `em up here tomorrow.

Meanwhile, that`s  Janathon 3 done for me. Happy running!

3 thoughts on “The Gear

  1. I’ve got some Aldi gear too. A jacket which has been great and socks, although the socks are only good for about six miles before they start to rub. I wear Thorlos Experia Running Socks, dearish but great. I love the line … It doubles then an extra arse coverage!

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