See here? That`s my MARATHON t shirt!


Yeah, and it looks even better when I`m in it. Yeah, right!

Janathon Day Five. And, even though this whole exercise every day thing is a brill idea, I was having doubts my ability to tog out and do the business today. But my marathon t shirt came to the rescue.

Dublin City Marathon Oct 2012 was my first marathon. I`m hoping it`s the first of many and boy, was I just thrilled to get the T. That said, it`s not the most practical piece of kit. It`s black(what were they thinking?) and, since all the other small and medium people beat me to the finish line, my T is extra large. In fact, I`ve been sleeping in it for ages because it`s ideal nightwear.

But we`ve a strange winter visited upon us here in the Emerald Isle.With temps hovering around the 10 degree mark, base layer didn`t seem justified today. Yet, I needed sleeves… Time to go running in my nightie…

Revisited yesterday`s mile long track and whey, hey, the Saturday crew were out! Men, guy, young studs were everywhere looping that loop, my loop. And some were sporting marathon Ts! Well, I could barely contain myself. Off came the fleece and I sprinted confidently to the starting line. Happy, at last, to be among my peers, my colleagues in sport, my fellow marathoners! Men!

Everyone made way for me of course, once they`d spotted my magic T.  I  couldn`t help but notice an awful lot of very admiring glances. Some may indeed claim, that I ran more quickly and assuredly and, indeed posed more obviously, while clad in my marathon colours. They exaggerate, surely. But yes, I `ll admit, I wore it with pride.

Not that my distance was awe inspiring, mind.

Dragged myself off the pitch after three mediocre miles. Only nine hundred and eighty something more miles to go in this year`s thousand mile challenge!

I remain convinced, that I wouldn`t have run as many, nor so proudly, if I hadn`t been wearing my marathon T.

Have you got a favourite T?





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