Another day. Another Running Pass.Sigh.

Well, in truth, I was busy. Busy setting up for another working week.And trying to incorporate some new dietary ideas that would help my running. But, which, ironically, would mean that I wouldn`t quite get time for running.

Fear not. Everything`s under control. And I still managed to fulfil my Janathon exercise duty.

I`ve been impressed by all the talk about vegetarianism.Spent a good deal of time in bed this morning, to that very end. Strictly in the interests of research, you`ll understand. And on my laptop, if you must know.

Thus inspired, I took leave of my boudoir to indulge in a head long investigation of my cupboards. Chick peas. Tick. Lentils. Tick. Clearly, I had been on this veg kick before. No, I didn`t let the little matter of best before dates spoil my fun.

The vegetable rack I`d already packed with an assortment of goodies. So I set up a great big roasting pan for baking turnip, parsnip, red onion, garlic, squash and carrot. Lots of cutting and cubing and moaning from the Teens ensued. And, to appeash said Teens I also baked brownies, a sponge cake and fruit scones. The wholemeal scones I made are for me. But that`s okay with them, of course. I also made lasagne. Yes, there`s minced beef in there ;-o. But less than usual, and I sneaked in extra garlic and carrot. Small steps, right?

Didn`t get to run though. But did get to indulge in two glasses of wine with my roast veg dinner.And passed on the lasagne. And..and…

Did some core exercises! Yay! This has to be the most neglected aspect of my training. I`ve only done them twice before. I do go through some yoga phases but really, is there anything to beat the pain, the sheer boredom of stomach crunches? Or that damned and ridiculous bicycle?

And do they work, anyway? Yes, I really need to hear someone jump up and shout “I turned my flabby belly into a washboard by doing one hundred sit ups a day”

Or even tell me if you know a friend of a friend who flattened their bellies through core exercise.

Or just tell me how your friend of a friend flattened their bellies anyway. Short of major plastic surgery, I really don`t see someone could shift that most stubborn of bulges to reveal a smooth clear line.

I defied my lack of faith in the process, however, to download the ap. Yes, ap! Gosh, I just so love that phones aren`t phones anymore. The Play store provided a range of option but, being a meany, I went for “ Core Trainer Free”.

This was purely on a whim. I`ve no idea how it compares with other aps. If you`ve found a good one, though, I`m all ears.

This one gives me various training plans, including the basics for Weeks 1-3 which I followed tonight.This has nine different exercises, including aforementioned crunch and bicycle kick. On the plus side, using the ap was easy peasy, as opposed to using a book or peering at a chart for the correct methodology. Kinda awkward jumping up and down to look at charts and books, mid crunch. Really nice using the phone, since I`m permanently attached to it anyway.

Frankly, I don`t believe it will make a significant difference. But, since real runners rave about it, I have to commit to doing it. Three times a week for the next six weeks should reveal something. Like maybe some kind of ripped, rather than rippling effect?Yes, I know I should do a before pic. And I will. But, for now at any rate, it will be for my eyes only.

rippedMeanwhile, you`ll have to make do with this, my wannabe “after” pic….

3 thoughts on “Core!

  1. Oh! That photo at the end made me laugh aloud… for a moment, it appeared there were some little people picnicking on a lower abdomen! Off, you scamps [clapping hands]… off & away! 🙂

    A flat tummy is something I would love to attain, too. I’ve read that one can have wonderfully firm & tight ab muscles, but if they are “hidden” under a layer of belly fat, they will not be seen… so I’m of the belief that calorie-deprivation is as important as core exercises. Problem is, individuals tend to store fat in different places (genetically determined), so a woman whose primary storage area tends abdominal will have to be painfully thin to show off tummy-muscle definition. Women who tend to store on thighs, butt, hips, they will have an easier time with flat tummies. I’m sure my core muscles are flat… but I have not been able to get my weight down low enough to see them 🙂

I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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