Hey, Taxi!


Brilliant day. In every field. Except running.

In fact, if it weren`t for Janathon, I probably wouldn`t have gone out at all.

One of those mental days where I`d all organized, except for the last minute “can you pick me up now?” taxi call from Son Who Should Know Better.Yep, picked him up.And, it skewed the rest of the evening and squished the run time into a later slot. Didn`t feel quite so comfortable running about town then, so I telescoped that run into a very miserable 1.2 miles. Sigh.

Still, there`s always a bright side….

I FOUND THE ANT STICK for my Garmin forerunner. Oooohh, I might finally get to use the damn thing. I certainly could do with measuring times and distances. And, even though one of my fav bloggers on here insists that his data might be boring, I actually think us runners are a damned competitive lot and would like nothing better than to read EXACTLY what other runners are doing, just so we`ve reason to remain our damn smug selves!

So watch this space. It`ll be all out there. Eventually.

The other piece of good news is that the core exercises I did for the last two days might actually be working their magic. I do feel somewhat sore and in all the right places, so that`s looking good for the After Pic, I`ve been hoping for.

And, the very best of good news: The 1,000 mile challenge has dwindled just a tad. I`m around the 985 mile mark. Gotta check that one though. But anyway, it`s all heading in the right direction.


I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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