TGIF Tomorrow!

Yep, yesterday was a Blog Fail for me.Ran four miles, though, so at least it was a Run Success. Especially pleased that I felt up to pushing the pace for the first two miles. Took it handy on the return leg though. And that`s about as garminzed as I`ve got about recording speeds. Oh, and Mrs Runkeep, my on again, off again buddy, wouldn`t co operate at all.

Listened to a sports programme as I clipped along with my run. They were talking about marathon training. One seasoned marathoner admitted that each marathon took a little piece out of him that he never got back. Kinda bothered me because my big toe joints still haven`t fully recovered from October`s marathon.

He also said speed work was most important for marathon training. He concentrated on speed word during the week and just did his long runs on Sunday, though they went up eventually to 23, 25 and 26 miles.

I need to do some more speed word, for sure.

Have done more core stuff though. That was today. Thirty stomach crunches(I am building up slowly…) and lots of yoga.

DIdn`t run today though. Instead I walked two miles with my daughter.She needed the chat and I needed the break.

And, as she said herself “TGIF tomorrow!”

TG, indeed, and boy, am I ready for it.

Happy running

Listened to some p

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