~What is life, if full of care/ You have no time to stand and stare~

Yes, a bee in January. Ignoring yesterday`s Epic Fail, I took myself off for a daylight run today. Told myself I`d take it easy. Relax. Enjoy the movement. Enjoy the scene. Not fret about speeds or breathing or form. Just Get Out There.

First mile was it`s usual crappy, I`m-not-fit-enough self. After that, I was heading up the hill anyway, so I was puffing and pushing on the whole way up. Got to the top and Reward! Mr Bumble Bee!

Two years ago,I had started running by taking a camera with me so that, I literally ran and stopped, when something interesting caught my eye. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the Great Outdoors and made running infinitely pleasurable.

Today`s pic was taken with my phone camera. Not the greatest pic in the whole wild world. But hey, you get the idea. Bee on flower in January. Maybe worth noting?

The pic was taken at the top of the hill. I`ve never seen a bumble bee out and about in January before. Maybe they do that kinda thing. Or maybe this winter`s just been exceptionally mild. Poor chap better get his woolly coat on though; it sure was getting chilly here this evening with a frost and maybe even snow predicted. Another reason to get my running done whenever I get a chance. Snow shoeing just doesn`t have the same appeal.

But, yes, it thrilled me to see this little fella.

As for the run downhill, yes, it was it`s usual pleasurable self. By the time I`d got to the bottom of the hill, I was begining to feel properly warmed up and ready for more. Downhill, of course.

Anyway, 5 miles done. Bee captured and joy unleashed.

Now, am I forgiven for yesterday?

I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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