Internet Fail

C`mon, tell me you`re just thrilled I`m back!

Doing all this via dongle. Yep, complete wireless fail at home over the past couple of days. And can`t access wordpress at work. Which is just as well, I suppose.

But. I have been exercising. So it`s not a full Janathon fail, I think.

Ran Wednesday. Five miles. One of which-the one I timed-was a nine minute mile. Not quite Roger Bannister but as fast as I can do right now.

Swam Thursday. One of the very many blessings of running is that my stamina had improved immensely. I love the water anyway, even though I`ve lousy swimming technique. But now, I feel like I can go on forever.

Swam seventy lengths of the twenty metre pool. Happy with that.

Now for the downside. My head cold is morphing into upper respiratory crapology. The one bad thing about running is, that, since I started, I`ve become more prone to chest infections. I know the drill by now: no running if the lungs are acting up. So  I passed on a run yesterday-went for a short walk instead. But I`m mightily tempted to swim again today.And just might, on the basis that it`s less cardiovascular for me than running and just about giving all my muscles a mighty fine stretch.

Okay, off to catch up on some of you while I can.



I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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