I Want to Improve on my F Grade

Can I line up for the dunce`s prize now for Janathon fail and just get it over with? Please?

Excuses, excuses…

Well, the internet coverage has been absolutely lousy these past few days. I can manage something if I sit in my car with the dongly thingy. But it`s too cold to go blogging that way! And wordpress is blocked at work. Not that I`d dream of reading your blogs while I`ve my public servant hat on…

And my running`s taking a hit too. Cue more excuses…

A headcold morphed into the start of a chest cold and, since I`m prone to major lung events, I passed on running Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

But I swam yesterday. Forty two lengths. That might entitle me to an upgrade from an F for my Janathon efforts this weekend, to maybe an E?

And the really good news is that I`ve averted said major lung event and finished with the darned head cold and, and, AND found the missing part of my Garmin so I might even manage to get that working too this week!

Scuttling away quickly before I`m kicked off the Janathon participants`log….


I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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