That`s how many miles I ran on Monday and again, last night. Same mileage, but two very different runs.

Monday`s was foggy, coast bound affair. The minute I hit the route, my on again, off again, chesty cough was on again. Blah! That pretty much sucked the life out of me. I was heavy legged throughout. And, even though running on the promenade to the sound of lapping waves has mega appeal for me, it wasn`t enough to fill me with vim. Still, I soldiered on and got the damn thing finished.

Last night`s run was in town. And, as it was very frosty, I had to thread very gingerly. Slowed me down some. and maybe  that was the secret. I really really enjoyed the whole thing. No lung reaction.Felt good, ran well, relaxed. And felt fine afterwards.

More of the latter planned for tonight.


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