Bye, Janathon!

Whey, hey, Janathon`s done. Or sort of done anyway. Don`t think I`ll be lining up for any Janathon medals either.

But it wasn`t an epic fail,in all fairness.

I did actually run. Knocked 64.2 miles off that thousand miles I`m meant to run this year.Yep, that monthly total needs to be raised but my summer mileage is always higher anyway.(Always, *snigger* like I`ve been running all my life.)

Here`s the thing. How much more can I improve anyway? I`ll bet there isn`t one of us blogging joggers who haven`t wondered that.The really lousy thing for me is that I`m no spring chick(hence, the red hen moniker) but the really good thing is that I`m only now, in glorious middle age, putting my body to the test so I`ve no reason to be fed up about not being as fast as I used to be, because, well, I`m definitely faster than I`ve ever been.

I`m going to share a secret ambition with you right now. I`d appreciate if you didn`t tell the opposition, but, I`d love to be placed in the top three in any race any time.

I`m way off right now of course. Best I have ever mustered is nine minute miles. And I`ve studied the race results charts and I know I have to work hard over  the next three years to keep building up my aerobic capacity. So it`s long haul stuff.

But the winner of the F55 category in Raheny did it in 34.something minutes. Eek! Seven minute miles! Is it possible to clip two minutes off per mile in five years? Um, doubt it.

So, my next strategy is to hang around for a long time. There aren`t a whole pile of F70s trotting about the place. In fact there s a whole bigger pile of M70s and I`m curious about why that is too. Anyway, by the time I`m F70 there may only be three other F70s so, yes, you can see where this is heading….

Meanwhile, gotta make sure I get to be a healthy, fit F70.(Cos I`ll no doubt want to give some  of those M70s a run for their money…). And there`s no better way to do that than to keep running.

And I`m still curious about how much faster I can get though, if at all.

Cue another Janathon success…

Got myself fully Garminized yesterday! Hee haw! So now I can keep proper track of my progress. Got it hooked up to the internet via the garmin connect website so I can log all my data there too.

There`s a whole pack of other features on my Garmin Forerunner 405, including a virtual partner for me to run against, and a heart rate monitor. Haven`t got to investigate them yet. But all in good time.

But I do know this:yesterday`s run was a four miler at a pace I`m ashamed to admit.

And Spring starts tomorrow, so this little red hen`s going to start running longer and faster, right?


One thought on “Bye, Janathon!

  1. Belated congrats on Janathon! I’m still getting around to reading everyone 🙂 64.2 mi. is nothing to sneeze at. I need to get a Garmin, I think. A new stats-toy might provide some additional inspiration. Good luck with summer running, when it gets here (sigh)…

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