Rain Post


Rainfall radar pic from the very helpful met people on met.ie

I`m getting a tad fed up of all those snow posts, people.Try running in the rain, I tell you! A ceaseless flow of cold drops that work their way through all your waterproofing, down your neck,into your shoes, saturating you to the bones.

It might explain why I only ran 13.5 miles last week. Yep, miserable.I did swim though. Have been aiming at 1,000-1,400 m x s per week and managed that.But I know my running totally sucks lately so I have to work harder at it.

And Sunday marks the start of my running week. Had hoped to get a longer run in. Maybe six miles? But the rain fell again. I totally hate running in the rain. So I put it off in the hopes of an improvement. Tuned in every now and again to the rainfall radar from our national weather service on met.ie. No matter what way I looked at it, there just were waves of permanently pissing rain sweeping across the country. Grrrrr…

Decided to get a swim in, at least. Even toyed with the idea of combining the swim with the run. Wading through puddles might get me extra fitness points, no? No, of course not. No extra calorie loss, no extra fitness points, nada for running in the rain. Doesn`t seem fair. Anyway, I swam. Got 1,000 metres in before the pool people kicked me out.

Truly did not feel like running after than, especially as it was still pouring buckets, but I knew I`d have to bite the bullet. It was a miserable effort, in miserable conditions but it was 1.5 miles lopped off a hopeful twenty to be run this week. Gotta settle for it.Better than nothing.

Ah yes, I can see all you martyrs running in the snow,sweeping the offending particles off your dry fleeces, enjoying the prettified scenery and the crisp cold air. Not to mention, uploading fabulous shots for your blogs.Harump! You don`t know what suffering is!

Ok, another day. More rain on the way. I guess I`ve got to suck it up.

I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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