Gotta Run!

Time:7.45 am. Question: How quickly can I write this post?

Gosh, I hate when real life interferes with my blogging and my jogging. Fortunately, or otherwise, I have a lot of real life going on. Especially in the form of three teens, who bring a whole new meaning to real life, and in the day job, which yesterday over ran a tad, and kept me busy for a good ten hours.

Ooohh, I just wouldn`t mind a break from it all. And I`d certainly use some of that break to catch up on this week`s running and swimming.

No swimming at all done this week and today, as you probably have noticed, is Thursday. I`m not even tempted to promise myself a swim today, just in case it doesn`t materialise.

Jogging on the other hand saw me resting on Monday because of Sunday`s nine miler. Then I ran a fast(for me!) three miles. Ok, average pace 9.27 miles.(I just love my Garmin) but I did do some of that mileage in the form of very short intervals. Clocked 7.55 min miles at some stages. And all of that meant my legs felt it yesterday and so I didn`t mind not having any running time then. I needed to rest.

Well, I hope so.

Back to real life. Two teens gone to school, gotta wake the eldest chap and get us out the door to the world of school and work.

Oooohhh, 7.53. Gotta run!

One thought on “Gotta Run!

  1. I can totally relate- some weeks are perfect and I’ll hit all my mileage and even all the cross training and then the next week life gets in the way and I won’t even come close! So, I figure, it all evens out… right???

    Also, no wonder your legs were feeling it! GREAT PACE!

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