Long Slow Run

Long Slow Run

Got my long run in yesterday. Long and s-l-o-w, as the figures from my Garmin will attest. Got slower as I went along, in fact, because my left foot was begining to give me a bit of bother. That`s the foot that was hammered in the marathon and from which I`ve made a very slow recovery.

I dug into relaxation mode and hung on in there. This is where I really need to run on my own. If I`m keeping pace with someone, I don`t tune into my body so well and end up injured.

There`s also the matter of completely suiting myself. The when, where, how long are all for me to decide. Well, assuming there aren`t any teens to be hauled off anywhere, or fed, or both.

Actually, the teens are one reason I want to kick my ass out of bed a tad earlier for these runs. Half the day is gone by the time I`m home, and it`s straight into dinner and housework. Whereas if I left at nine, I`d be home before the teens even see the light of day.

The other reason is Sunday traffic. My route takes me passed such fields as are depicted in that photo of the gated field.Yep, nice country views, complete with mad dogs and the whiff of slurry. But it`s also running alongside a motorway. And it`s crazy the amount of people who think sitting in a car is a great way to spend the afternoon.

I`m guessing those same people aren`t up all that bright and early. So I`m going to beat the traffic next time I`m heading for my long slow run.

And it won`t be tomorrow. Or any time this week.

Because I`m off to Spain! Yippee! Five days,all work related, but hopefully with a little time to find some new running routes as well.

Not much time for sleep tonight then, so I`d better say “Adios” for now, and for the next few days.

Distance: 10.13 mi
Time: 1:52:44
Avg Pace: 11:07 min/mi
Avg Speed: 5.4 mph
Elevation Gain: 216 ft
Calories: 1,211 C


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