Snakes and Ladders

Well, I`d a grand time in Spain. A work trip, to be sure, and sadly, it left very little time for much else. But I did enjoy the tapas and pasta and new cuisine. And I did get to see Barcelona. a place I`d been meaning to see for such a very long time. And I did get myself yanked in all directions. on a professional level, which I loved.

But I dìdn`t get to run. Image

Hola, Girona


Of course, I`ve justified it. I awoke two days into the trip with a really sore throat and tinnitus. Not bad enough to avoid sipping cava, but enough to stop me running.

This whole running lark resembles a game of snakes and ladders. Just before I left for Spain I was back up to my weekly twenty plus miles running regime. Delighted with myself. Now, I`ve slithered down a big long snake and feel like I`m almost back to square one.

Ran on Monday. A measly two miles. Felt too tired-and still have that sore throat-to run any more than that.Didn`t run yesterday.

I`m playing catch up too. Catching up with the kids, the housework and the pile of work in my office. But I will. It will all happen.

Already, I`ve caught up on the housework. And bringing back t shirts and toblerone to the teens gave me a lot of brownie points there.

Spoke to a work colleague yesterday who`s struggling to get back her fitness after  a bad bout with a throat and ear infection. We can both see now, that a running hiatus from injury or illness is all part of the game. It`s running with snakes and ladders thrown in. Just got to accept that and know you can climb up that ladder again.

Plan for the rest of the week?Run ten more miles, drink lots of water, swim twice.

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