Getting Back on Track

Dammit, but its hard combining the day job, with the domestic/kids job, even without the running job. And I have to say, that while the day job and the dom/kid thing is ticking along, running has taken a big hit.

I`m only posting today because I`m an optimist. I truly believe that this time next year I`ll be wondering just how much running I`ve got up to in March 2013 and I`ll be running so much in March 2014 that I`ll laugh at what I`m doing now.

But I`m not laughing yet.

This week I ran twice. And just a tad above two miles on each occasion. Work has been mental. An upcoming inspection from an outside agency is sending us all into overdrive. It`s not a bad thing from the point of view of work productivity, work buzz and general work satisfaction. But it`s shattering.

The home/kid thing is as demanding as ever too. I`ve done really well with the housework end of things. And the kids are having an extra busy year as its Big Exam year for two of them.That means I`m on a path smoothing mission. Trying to keep the home fires burning and everything relatively sane and pleasant for them. And also taking them to extra tuition or whatever else they need to give those exams their best shot.

So running isn`t getting too much of a look in.

As for swimming…. What`s that?

But, TA-DA! Two weeks hols are looming. Cue major kicking of fat arse out the door and down to a friendly neighbourhood park land to build up the miles.

AND can I say a word for my pal, Saint Patrick? If it wasn`t for that guy turning up almost on my doorstep some eight hundred years ago, I wouldn`t be having a long weekend off. Yep, Paddy`s still making an impact in these parts.

So,I`m out the door tomorrow morning. No when/where/how long plans. I`m just aiming to Enjoy! just to get my running spirit motivated.Having a night out with Big Sister tomorrow, so I doubt Sunday will be LSR day as well. But Monday, what with us being off to celebrate the patron saint, has LSR potential too. I`ll see on the day.

OK, crawl to bed time. For all my lack of running I`m still eating and sleeping as much as ever! In fact if I keep the eating up. I`ll be rolling not running!


I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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