St. Patrick`s Day


This was the view through my windscreen yesterday as I wound my way through Irish country roads. Yep, the guy in green is Saint Patrick. And its because of him that every small town in Ireland was clogged with traffic. Families churned out in their droves to follow their local parades headed up by the man himself.  And so my trip, which should have taken two hours, took almost twice that long. Tied for time as ever, I missed my running slot. And  I`m blaming St Patrick.

The quinntessentially Irish scene unfolded as I found myself at the top of a line of traffic awaiting clearance from an harrassed Ban Garda. Note the crowds huddled in warm jackets, the puddles on the road and of course, the ubiquitous Irish pub. All the elements we Irish love to give out about. And yet they`re the things most of us miss if we`re living abroad.(Okay, maybe not the puddles, though.)

Is there anything more miserable that St. Patrick`s Day parade in Ireland? The floats are generally of the highly amateur variety. The majorettes look frozen and forlorn in their too short skirts. The marching bands seem limited to the same old hokey Irish tunes and then there`s the tractors. What`s so exciting about watching a tractor passing?

These were the things I contemplated as I sat in my car watching my time for running ebb away before me.

All`s not lost, though.I`d clocked in a hill run on Saturday. Five point something miles, according to my garmin.

And I totted up my Garmin totals from the begining of the year. Not including my abysmal mileage of March, I have run 108 miles since the begining of the year. Yep, not the best. I can see clearly on the Garmin Connect calendar long stretched where I`ve gone a week at a time without any run at all. Sickness and the Spanish trip set me back and it sure is hard to haul my sorry ass back out onto the road again with those breaks.

In fact, today is a National Holiday in honour of St Patrick. And out on the road is exactly where I plan to be. But not yet. I am watching a steady drizzle of rain from the comfort of my own bed right now. There is no way in hell I am running in that.

March 18 2013 met

The ever helpful weather people show a more optimistic picture with their rainfall radar painting a reassuringly green picture of Ireland with hardly any rain at all at all.I should be good to go in an hour or so.

Just gonna have another little snooze first…

Maybe all`s forgiven, Paddy, `tis grand to have the day off.

I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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