Sisterly Advice

Baby Brother has got into running this year. I am struggling not to claim credit for this. But I suspect that all my lyrical waxing on the spiritual experience that is Dublin City Marathon, and my callous claims to have outrun our (significantly younger, and male)cousin have had such a huge impact on little bro` that he has decided to hit the endomorphin trail.

All very well and good. But now he`s coming to me for advice. ME!

What training plan should he follow? Actually, I volunteered this piece of advice before the question even came:Hal Higdon. Sure, there`s a zillion plans out there but this guy has a book written in a way us post 40 yr old understand i.e hard copy. And he has aps to sate our pre 40 wannabe leanings. And a billion pieces of terrific advice as a very seasoned marathon runner and coach. And he`s old. Yep. Old is GOOD. Even I know that.

Runners? Well, em, see previous post.

Genes? Sorry. We`re not built for speed. But we can go on, and on, and on…

Sports watch? Yep, Garmin.Garmin Forerunner 450 is my neato piece of kit.


Gotta get an ant stick with that so you can upload all your runs to And then the fun REALLY starts. You can Relive Your Runs! Ha!Only discovered that one tonight. There I am cursing every inch of my three miles in the wind and rain this evening, and next thing I get home to discover me as a little arrow bopping along the route on garmin.connect/player without a care in the world. On an even more practical level you can download a calendar from on there of all the runs you`ve done. So much easier to tot up your mileage that way. And there`s maps of your route and more. I`m really only in the tentative exloratory stages of what this piece of kit is capable of.

Oh, and I`ve a heart rate monitor to go with that. Just haven`t delved in there yet.

Meanwhile, Runkeeper will keep you going. It`s an ap. So you`ll need your smartphone attached to your person for that.

And the best armwear for that purpose is the Karrimor sleeve/pocket. Oh, I`m sure there`s a better name for it than that. Anyway, I`ve tried pouches, pockets and stiff arm sleeve thingies but the Karrimor soft sleeve/pocket has worked best for me.

Yep, and at the end of the day, Brother, it`s about what works best for you.

I found out I needed Bodyglide, and running shorts the hard way. Yep, in combo. That may not be relevant to you. (Think female and thigh chaffing) Similarly, all my sports bra experience is probably pretty irrelevant.(Hmmmm, sports bra post put off for another while, then.)

Now, nipple shields I don`t have to think twice about but the sight of bloodied men at the end of the marathon will be forever emblazoned in my memory.Ouch!So you`ve gotta ask somebody better qualified than me for advice there.

And pissing in front of Áras an Uachtaráin(the Presidential Residence) is similarly, outside of my area of expertise but also forever emblazoned in my memory as a wannabe runner.(And maybe, wannabe male. God, but it must be pretty convenient being a male sometimes…)

And yep, there`s where I`ll end it. You`re a guy. You`re always going to run faster than me. But, even though your Baby Brother, chances are, I`ll be around for longer.

At the end of the day, it`s all about biology. Oh, and revenge. Gonna meet you out there sometime. Maybe DCM 2013? Watch out! 😉


I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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