These runners owe me nothing. I bought them last August. Wore them straight away from then on. Right through my longest marathon sessions and through the Dublin City Marathon in October. They had a bit of a break after that as my feet struggled to recover from their marathon breakdown. But I`ve been training in them pretty consistently since the begining of this year again.

They`re Brooks Adrenaline GTX12. At least, that`s what it says on the tongue. (And it`s just dawned on me that`s the perfect place to say anything). They`ve been a great discovery for me. Previously, I`d worn more cushioned and a very popular brand of runner. Don`t wanna publically hammer them, so I won`t name names here. But I àlways felt too darned cushioned in Popular Brandname runners. Once I got my foot into those Brooks I just loved the way each toe could embrace the ground.

Tonight, I discovered they`ve sprouted a hole. Well, the right one has. To me, it`s my proof that I`ve been working hard. Apologies for their filthy state too, as witnessed by my camera. Gone are the days of flinging my runners into the washing machine. I might give them a quick rub with a wet cloth but that`s about it. Monday`s long slow run(yay! nine and half miles!) had seen me dive off the road into the muddy ditch way too often to avoid those sight seeing Bank Holiday drivers.

Anyway, I guess this means it`s curtains for my Brooks. I probably should go all out now and buy two pairs just so I can do that shoe rotation thing I`ve been reading about.

But it looks like I`ll have to fork out for a new Shock Absorber bra too. For reasons that were revealed to me lately.

And that`s a whole new blog entry…


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