Aran and I ran



Especially for Paigesato… and all you other crafty bloggers out there… yep,this is my latest knitting project. I bought the wool last September and here I am, on the twelfth row of the Aran pattern.Luckily I run faster than I knit.If I keep going at this rate, I might have it done in time for next October`s Dublin City Marathon.

Mind you, I could`ve done with it this evening. I wriggled out of this morning`s LSR on the basis that it was just so c-c-cold.Temps read just below freezing but it was the added wind chill factor that morphed me into a complete wimp and I bailed on my morning`s run.

Instead, I lolled about the place,eating like an athlete. Just got the appetite from hell today. Don`t know where it came from but all I wanted was food. Cereal, bread, tomatoes, olives, goats`cheese. Yep, all good stuff, but then I found some chocolates, and later on had a large slice of coffee cake. Curry, carrot and coriander soup all passed the lips in record speed. At one point I even considered stealing one of the kids` Easter eggs. `Til my conscience finally intervened. It was a close thing though.

Of course my inner saboteur convinced me that I would burn the lot off with my Sunday long slow run. Problem was, I`d put off the LSR and it loomed like  large cloud over my whole day. I almost chickened out on it too but guilt whipped my ass out there tonight and even though I didn`t go as far as I should have, I managed a grand six miles and in a new route, with some elevation thrown in.

Temps still at freexing point when I got out there. Pretty amazing actually, as I know this time last year I was on the beach with my girl basking in unseasonably warm sunshine. It turned out to be the best sunshine of our Irish summer. Meanwhile. I`ve heard today, that we`re having the coldest March in fifty years. I can testify to that. I ran in thermal base layer, t shirt, fleece, leggings and beanie.Didn`t take off the fleece til my run is over. That`s a rare thing for me as I warm up very quickly.

Cue need for cosy Aran jumper.

Hopefully, Spring will have truly sprung before I get my aran knitted. If you look closely at the picture you`ll see my garmin on the book stash all ready to offload it`s data onto garmin connect. Have to say, I love that nifty little record keeper. Then there`s the bookstash itself. Two Leonard Cohen biogs. and Danny Dreyer`s Chi Running. I`ve yet to work my way through them all, having, perilously, read bits of each.

Yep, on the running, reading, knitting front there`s lots more to do.

Oh well, busy is good, right?


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