Photorun: Shannon Harbour

Boats Shannon Harbour

I keep spare running kit in my car. Just in case I find myself with half an hour and the will to run. Well, I had one such moment this week when my new car purchase necessitated a trip to the Midlands of Ireland. No, I can`t think of a whole pile of other reasons to head Midland. Unlike the people in the above boats.

They`re moored in a little gem of a place called Shannon Harbour. I hit Shannon Harbour after I`d done the car deal. Trading in my old piece of junk for a gleaming five year old model, the garage owner asked if he could have an hour to service the new car before having it leave the garage. He offered the comforts of his waiting room for me to while away said hour. But I just wanted to go exploring.

Bridge, Shannon Harbour

My penultimate journey in Old Banger brought me to the tiny little village of Shannon Harbour. Sleepy isn`t the word. This place was dead. Dead but really pretty. It`s built along where the Grand Canal meets with the mighty River Shannon to accommodate the traffic on this erstwhile bustling highway. It`s easy to imagine the clutter of barges on the canal when one sees the proud ruins of the 19th Hotel Ruins Shannon Harbour

century hotel. In its heyday, the village had a population of 1,000 people. Apparently, that`s down to thirty now. Though they were all Canal Bar Shannon HarbourSlogan, Knit, Shannon, Car 038

sound asleep when I was there. I`m assuming the place comes to life with boat trippers and barge dwellers in the summer months.

Not even the sight of me in my big red fleece and lycra leggings was enough to drag them out onto the streets. Yep, there I was, little Red Hen, puffing along with my camera. Oh yes, and my garmin. New feature popped up on my Garmin. It said GPS off. Damned if I knew what that meant. It certainly kept track of the mileage as I chugged along.

It was only later, at home,when I plugged into Garmin Connect that I realised the implications of a GPS free run. Yup, two miles clocked on the watch, but there was nothing registering on the website.  Damn!

Didn`t bother me about the speed. I was on a photo run after all, and likely, slow as all hell. But I`d begun to enjoy the Garmin maps. They throw in every little detail, see. Like names of streets and lanes that I`d never known, not even in my local area. I`d really liked to have seen what quaint little place names it would have revealed in Shannon Harbour.

Ah well, maybe a return trip is needed?

5 thoughts on “Photorun: Shannon Harbour

    • Took a look at your Shannon Harbour venture just now.How long is the whole Grand Canal walk? Well done on completing it. And on raising money for Simon Community in the process!

    • Haha!Photoruns are also my excuse for not lugging a huge SLR camera about the place. Little old digi cam just has to do the job. Enjoy your run! Oh, and post pics!

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