Eats, Runs, and Leaves Again

Lamb Balls and Pistachio Aioli resized

Eats: Meat Balls and Pistachio Aioli.

This recipe has been shamelessly fliched from one of my fav food writers, Domini Kemp. It actually should be lamb skewers. But my skewers were too big for the pan so I turned the meat mix into balls instead. Still equally scrummy though. And the aioli? Well, neither my presentation, nor my pic do it justice here. Believe me, it is truly, truly delish.

The recipe for both the lamb skewers and the aioli can be had here, on the Irish Times website. And Domini`s pic is so much better than mine too. So, go on, take a peek.

You`ll be back in time for my running and photography news…


Beautiful spring morning in this neck of the woods. I could hear the birds calling to me. So I jumped out of bed, and donned my marathon finisher t-shirt.

dublin-marathon-tshirt Ooohh, I just love to brag!

Oh, and capri pants and runners of course. But no thermal underlayer! Yay! So good to see sunnier days again.

Wore my Garmin 405, of course, but didn`t fret about the time. Really bothered about my feet holding up and, while the first five miles were pain free, after that I could feel the familiar old achiness setting in on my left foot. Damn. But I ploughed on. Just took it carefully, tried to relax the foot as best I could. Stop and stretched for a bit. Widened out the top of the runners at the laces. The pain wasn`t unbearable, mind. I just don`t want to compound any damage. And yet I was gonna push on for ten miles if I could help it at all.

Usual Sunday mix of cyclists, and runners on the road. And, charmingly, a trail of vintage cars on their way to some meet or other. I`m a sucker for classic cars.

By mile nine I was contemplating walking. But I suddenly thought of dropping my heel to the ground. I know this is a debatable point-landing on forefoot or heel striking. Well, heel striking hugely eased the pressure on my feet.(Yep, right one acting up by then.) And I shuffled home, quite happy with the distance. Didn`t care about the pace.

Just need to keep buildling on these longer runs to ensure I`m half marathon ready by June and marathon ready by October. I`ve given up on the orthotics. Did nothing for me, I`m afraid. But am stretching my feet and toes whenever it`s convenient and also going barefoot at home.

Happy to have done the run though. Psychologically, and in terms of the mileage, it sets me up for a good running week.


Yep, it`s the Leaves thing again. The challenge,as set out on the blog Ouch! My Back Hurts! is to take pics on a different theme each month. April`s theme is Leaves. So, I nipped into the Botanical Gardens in Dublin yesterday and snapped these.

Bromeliad Hothouse Botanical Gardens April 2013 Fronds Hothouse Gerania Canopy Hothouse In the hothouse

The challenge really opened my eyes to leaves. I never knew, for instance, that the humble perlagonium held such beautiful shades of green within it. Or that palm fronds were so huge.All of these pics were taken indoors, of course. The palm house, in fact, had quite a good deal of Asian folk wandering about in it yesterday. Feeling homesick, I am sure, surrounded,as they were by such familiar foliage, and basking for a short while, in the muggy heat.

Yes, Spring is a-springing, as best she can. Wandering around the gardens, after my little session in the glasshouses, I could see buds only dying to unfurl their precious green cargo. Any day now, and all those naked branches will be doing the decent thing and getting their clothes on.

Bring it on!

5 thoughts on “Eats, Runs, and Leaves Again

  1. You’ve had a full on few days – love the look of the lamb dish, will make it soon and congratulations on the running. No doubt you will be well prepared for the half and the full marathon when the time comes.

    • Thank you. And it`s truly an easy peasy make too. Very few ingredients for the lamb. And the aioli gave me a go at making mayonnaise too. Something, to my shame, that I`d never done before.

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