When I Have Time

The day job is squeezing the life out of me. Major project going down, so the whole team are pulling out all the stops for deadline day. Cue early morning starts, late night finishes, and work all through the weekend. Why, I barely have time to squeeze the odd run in.

Luckily, I`ve prioritized running over housework and sleep, so yeah, the training gets done.

I am longing to get my life back, though and, when I am pounding the roads these days, I let my mind meander on what I will do, when I have the time. They fall into two categories: the must-dos and the would-like-to-dos. You`ll have no trouble spotting which is which.

When I have time I will…

…Go on an art gallery crawl in Some City or Anyville, just to soak up the sights and colours and observe my fellow spectators.
…try to figure out how to turn on the TV and then watch whatever I want for a whole twelve hours.( Kids, I hope you`re reading this.)

…download Spotify, because Teen Son says it`s the way to go and my CD collection embarrasses him

…find a partner for all my sports`socks.

…find the black hole in our home where all the odd socks have congregated

…finally assemble my Ikea bookshelves

…mow the lawn

…file my tax returns

…clean the oven
…review my health insurance

…call on my neighbours to let them know I am still in the land of the living

…send my nephew a belated birthday card for his February birthday, enclosing a voucher to ease his grief

…figure out how to set the Virtual Partner on my Garmin so I can finally outrun him

…read all the books that I have stockpiled at my bedside, and on my kindle ap

…book a pedicure and a manicure

…book a mammogram

…catch up on all the films I missed this season

…go to anything in any theatre

…unpack that fancy new digital camera I got and figure out how to use it

…book dinner with some of my gal pals and enjoy a long catch up chat

…break open my art materials and start painting again

…watch a war movie with my sons

…watch a chick flick with my girl

…catch up on all the posts on my WordPress reader and send each one a sincere comment

…unleash two new Ottolenghi recipes and one new dessert recipe on my children

…get back into swimming again

…go watch a marathon

As long as I can, I will always run. It is too fundamental to my well-being to let that go.

Now, what do you dream of doing when you have time?


11 thoughts on “When I Have Time

  1. Cracking list! I’m exhausted just reading it! I understand the late card scenaio – I have Christmas thank you cards written but still sat in my diary.

  2. I hear that! I am having a similar week (I’m currently taking a lunch break and allowing myself a little blog-reading time :)) I think next week when I have time I am going to use the gift card I received at Christmas to get a massage! Maybe finish a wreath I started a month ago. Read a book. Now I am just daydreaming…

    • Sorry, I should`ve done the linky thing. Spotify is something to do with downloading music. Even David Cameron is into it. So it must be good, no?;-)

  3. You do sound really busy, way too busy!

    I dream of not rushing from job to job, task to task, of having time to think about what I’m currently doing instead of what I have to get done next. Of life not being a constant program of chores. Having said that this year has brought a strange phenomenon into my home, Empty Nest. In the mornings there is only me to think about. Husband is off milking the cows, I get up and go for an early morning walk (I run after work), do some housework, sit and read a few blogs with my coffee and then go to work without having had to anything for anyone. After 22 years of parenthood It’s really strange, but really quite nice (son#1 is home every weekend though!)

    Please book your mamogram, if you book yours I will book mine.

    • Aw, didn`t mean to sound like a martyr! And that list is part fantasy, part daily tedium. I`ll get to the latter eventually.Actually, running makes everything seem more doable anyhow.

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