Poolbeg Pics

I`d been hoping for quite a while to get to Poolbeg lighthouse. Ever since a pal had taken me there last year ~”Dublin`s best kept secret” he`d declared ~ I was determined to go back. And this time, with camera in hand.

May is a wonderful month in Ireland. Or at least it should be. But, instead, mid week,it had all the promise of a bad November. Squally showers of hailstones and rain, wind chill factor courtesy of the polar airflow, and leaden skies reigned supreme over our capital city.

And so, having braved google maps lousy directions, two sets of toll bridges, and landed in every damned terminal of Dublin port, and finally reached my destination,I still had to wait half an hour for the skies to clear and for Poolbeg to reveal herself in all her crimson glory.

Once the sun made an appearance, I fairly skipped along the granite flags of the 17th century sea wall ~a delight in itself~ and on towards the gloriously coloured curvaceous lighthouse.

A photographer will pick my photos apart.I am at the bottom of the learning curve;the only way is up. There are lots of more exciting views of this gorgeous scene in all of flickr and google images which I would urge you to visit, as I will myself to learn more about angle, composition and the myriad of mysteries in making images.

Naturally, Poolbeg draws a lot of the photography world. And other sorts too.

While I was there, very many runners passed, while fishermen waited patiently by their fishing rods, and boat spotters scanned the horizons for passenger liners, trawlers and ferries.

One of the delights of Poolbeg is that it is situated beyond a decaying insdustrial sprawl that is Ringsend. The two chimneys poking through the brooding sky are from a derelict electricity generating station. It glories under the name of Pigeon House. Though from close quarters they seem in quite a distressed state, from the distance, the twin chimneys are a striking feature of the Dublin Bay skyline.

Known and loved by most Dubliners, its hard to believe there isn`t a preservation order on them. They are among the tallest structures in the city and indeed, in Ireland itself and their juxtaposition amid water, ship and horizon makes them all the more appealing.

And so ended my little jaunt. Ringsend and Poolbeg are ventures into the wilder side of nature in the capital. They are a welcome breather from the belching monsters of traffic and throngs as they rush hither and thither about their daily affairs.

No signposts lead to them, the chimneys being signposts in themselves, towering above all and daring one to find them.

Catch them if you can. The journey`s worth it.

17 thoughts on “Poolbeg Pics

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  2. I liked your photos and you account of the visit.
    The shot along the sea wall with the chimneys and the ship to the right of them is a beauty. My old eyes needed more detail (or is it that I’m a ‘sticky beak’).
    I know a lot of photographers on WP don’t like to put up high res photos of there work but as a viewer (and as a photographer for more than 40 years) I like detail.
    The shot with the walking couple and the drake (wtf) is excellent. I’ve got a mate who loves landscapes (so do I) but there is something about good photos with people and creatures where the photographer captures a moment.
    Well done, I feel like I’ve been there.

    • I value your opinion as you know a lot about photography. What do you think is the best resolution for wordpress? These are set at 500 pix. Yes, people `do` it for me too, though I`m shy about poking a camera at them. The presence of the drake allowed me to get away with having the couple in this shot as they felt I was more focussed on him. Thank you for your comment!

    • I wouldn`t have got that people shot if it weren`t for the drake. Much though I love looking at people, I am loathe to stick a camera in their direction. The drake allowed for some oblivion on their parts. And they do look like a very together couple`, don`t they? Thank you for your opinion and your encouragement. What resolution do you think works best on WP?

      • Resolution wise the bigger the better as far as I’m concerned. WP compress the shot to show on your page but clicking on it will blow it up to it’s full size. The only down side is that it takes longer to upload photos when you are building your post and it chews up your allowance on the site.
        When taking photos you need to be brave little hen! A long lens solves most problems as people are less aware of you because you are further away and if they do notice you they think you are shooting something else.
        Another trick is to line up your shot, focus etc and shoot with the camera in your lap or anywhere else but not up to your eye. It is only when you bring the camera up to your eye that people get nervous. Shooting from the hip means that you are going to get a few dud shots but who cares it’s not as though you are wasting film. All you want is that one excellent shot.
        This is one of the reasons that phone cameras are great (as long as you have enough light). You simple hold it in your hand and point it in the direction of a crowd of people and click. You edit and crop when you get home……… works like a dream.
        Terry…………. be brave little hen!

      • Just `cos you can`t see `em, some people think us birds have no ears. But I`m listenin`! Thank you for all that information!Only have the one lens at the moment but will invest over the summer and have more fun. Shooting from the hip sounds just like the style for me. Hate my camera pics-the interior shots are always too yellow.Though its handy for uploading via email.Anyway, `tis all about trying new things.

  3. Those flags are bloomin’ difficult to run along though! Like you I think it’s a great, wild part of Dublin lodged between the Port and the gentility of Sandymount. I coached track at Irishtown for a couple of years with the candy-stripe chimneys looming nearby. Thanks for the memories RH.

    • You`re so right about those flags. Wouldn`t chance trotting along them myself as I tend to trip very easily anyway.Interesting about your Irishtown links. I hope those chimneys are there to stay!

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