Disappearing Cake and Frittata Disasta

Like the Little Red Hen in the fairytale, I am well regarded by the three teens for my cake making skills. And I am happy to declare this as the easiest peasiest cake you will ever bake.Not only could you do it all by yourself, you could do it blindfold and with one hand tied behind your back. Though, frankly, I don`t know why you`d want to look so ridiculous.
Pain d`épice

The recipe is from Annie Bell`s “Gorgeous Cakes”

It`s called “Pain D`epice” but already my kids have named it “Disappearing Cake”

Disappearing Cake
125 g plain flour, sifted
150g icing sugar, sifted
1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon, sifted
2 tsp baking powder, sifted
175 g unsalted butter, softened
4 medium eggs.

Preheat oven to 170 fan/190 C/Gas mark 5. Grease a 22 cm (1.3L) loaf tin. Bung all the ingredients into a food processor.(I just use my ordinary cake mixer.) Put into the loaf tin, smooth the top of the cake and bake for 45 min, or until a skewer inserted into the centre, comes out clean.


I didn`t even have to tell my kids to eat. The cake just disappeared.

Not so this frittata. We learn from our mistakes, for sure. This was one very big mistake.



You know how much I love eggs? Right? There were eight in this one. Courgettes? Yum. This pie had four. Goats cheese? Nomnom. Had 200g of such deliciousness into the mix.

With all three ingredients, and a heap of other flavourings, I thought I`d triple the deliciousness. Wrong, wrong, wrong! And the teens weren`t behind the door about delivering their verdict.

“Rank” “Mingin” Disgusting.
(No, I hadn`t heard the word “mingin” before either but I can guess it`s not a good thing.)

“Mum, it looks like the garden.”

“Ugh! It tastes like grass.” That comment came after a dramatic dash to the kitchen bin to spit out the offending forkful.

I pretty much eat anything I`ve cooked. Not because I love it, but because “Waste not, want not” was my parents` motto (I`m bagging that theme for another blog post…) and this was healthy too. I can eat sardines straight out of the tin because they`ve got CALCIUM and PROTEIN. Taste is immaterial. I`m Irish, not French y`know. We remember the Famine.

But gosh, even I could not eat the Frittata.

That made it official then: the Frittata was a Disaster.

Win some, lose some. `Tis the way of the world. I won`t post up the Frittata recipe, then, for obvious reasons. I won`t even blacken the name of the chef I bagged it from because I am such a huge fan of hers. Even great chefs can have little disasters.

And so can Little Red Hen.

Maybe I should, for now at any rate, stick to baking cakes.

4 thoughts on “Disappearing Cake and Frittata Disasta

  1. Minging s not good at all in fact that’s very bad (I used to work in a secondary school!). Will try the cake though, thanks for recipe? Any idea on what to do with bantam eggs?

    • Funny, Mum loved to stuff sardines into us too, and all kinds of other yucky concoctions which my darlings wouldn`t touch with a barge pole. Must blog about that some day too!

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