Gosh, darn…. Juneathon. It`s a bit like sitting in front of a bowl of olives. You don`t really want another one but it`s there and hey, it might actually be even good for you.

Yep, you need to be addicted to olives to get that. Insert addictive, but reasonably healthy, food of choice. No, that does not include anything with sugar, fat or alcohol. Sheesh. People!

My running has been going downhill lately, even when I`ve been running downhill. I just can`t get the speed in there and I am struggling to get the distance. Feels like I`ve been running into a wall.

I`m barely hanging on in this, the fourth week of my Hal Higdon half marathon plan.

Been wondering what all that`s about. Laziness?Old age? Or just a severe case of avian flu, perhaps?

Time for an MOT from the doc.

He trawled through the usual list of questions. Did the blood pressure thingy,the vampire thingy, and then he got to listen to my heartbeat. Lucky guy!

Had the runners`conversation because yes, he runs and so, gets running.

“Maybe it`s motivation” he said. Hmmmm, maybe he`s right….

I decided to put the theory to the test that evening. If I did my scheduled three mile run I would reward myself with a glass of pinot noir that night.

Well,I could hardly get my little skinny legs into my running shorts quick enough. My body must be craving all the vitamins in the wine. Belted around the three mile route. Well, not exactly speedily, but in old hen fashion. Practically tore the supermarket door down then, in my rush to grab a decent pinot noir.

Ran all the way home.
Scoured the kitchen for a corkscrew.
Couldn`t get it into the cork fast enough.
And then…

Ah! The Prize

Ah! The Prize

Cue angels with violins, cue smooth oh-so-relaxed feeling.
Cue alcholism if I don`t find another motivator.

And that`s where Juneathon comes in.

For Juneathon, we`ve to jog and blog every day for the month of June. Yes, I know, I get bored even saying that.

I sorta did Janathon. And, reflecting at the end of it, the most important lesson I`d learnt from it was never, ever, on no account, sign up to daily blogging. For lots of reasons. Most of which are connected with the sanity of my poor readers.

But then, I met some really nice fellow bloggers, through those efforts. And it did whip me out onto the cold January pavements most days. In short, it gave me much needed motivation.

And I plainly need that.

Juneathon might even be more fun. My northern hemisphere almost midnight runs might actually be more cheerful affairs than the wind whipped and woefully wet January ones.

Meanwhile, I await the results of the doc`s bloodtests. Maybe he`ll tell me my throid`s shot and I need the new drug of choice among athletes:hypothyroid medication. Maybe he`ll tell me my liver`s done in and I`ll have to give up alcohol. Sigh.

Or maybe he`ll tell me it is a case of dwindling motivation after all.

In which case, I`ll tell him “Thanks doc. I`ve got it sorted.”

Ok, Juneathon. I`m in.


31 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Hmm, a wineathon, that’d be good. I think that’d be very achievable. Still, I’m trying to forego the drink in June, and run and blog everday. Hmmm, which one will win out?

  2. Ah… You have just reminded me that I haven’t done any running for day 1. Not such a good start – but I did run yesterday, a bit, and my legs hurt today, so I’ll do yoga instead. (I seem to remember something about excuses in the promotion of Juneathon?) Maybe not a very convincing start, but I’ve spent all day counting bugs and plants and things in my garden for Garden Bioblitz, so at least I’ve done some squats.

    I get what you say about olives. I used to hate them, but quite like them, I think, now.

      • Not much yoga done either. Must try harder! I did much better than this in the 5×50 challenge, which went on for 50 days. Tomorrow is another day – well, actually I’ve just realised that it isn’t, as it’s past midnight. Never mind.

      • Hang on in there. I`m allowing myself some fail days for June. Just increasing my exercise output will be a win in the long term anyway.

  3. I live within a very short drive of where they make the most amazing Pinots, The Yarra Valley……. unfortunately I’m a Shiraz person (my son lives in Shiraz heaven… The virus that destroyed all the old Shiraz vines missed South Australia so they have 100 year old plus vines…………)
    The next time we do the Yarra Valley I’ll buy a bottle for you and hoist a glass to the red hen.

    P.S. ….hang in there.

  4. Good luck with Juneathon RH – look forward to following your efforts while I put my feet up 🙂 Not exactly – just in from a gentle four miles on the sand dunes.

  5. OH good luck with that. You see, I wouldn’t have the slightest problem resisting the olives (yuk), but the wine I can see would be a great motivator!

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