Sunshine Roulade

Spinach, Roast Pepper and Tomato Roulade

It`s okay, you can sit up now. I`m back! Liked that test card I gifted you in that last post, didn`t you? Good, because, this morning`s trip to work was through headlights and rain. It seems Ireland has repositioned itself firmly back in the North Atlantic again. So it`s goodbye to blue skies for another while.

We can always head indoors for a little comfort eating though. And today`s recipe falls splat into that category. Comfort food that manages to be nutritious too. And easy to make.

Yes, Avoca`s Spinach, Roast Pepper and Tomato Roulade ticks a lot of boxes.


110g fresh spinach
40g butter
50g peeled and finely chopped onion
40g plain flour
300 ml milk
4 eggs, separated
40g Parmesan, freshly grated
Freshly grated nutmeg
Sesame seeds
For the filling
110 g onion peeled and chopped
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1/2 red chilli, deseeded and chopped
2 red peppers roasted and diced
400g can tomatoes.

Of course I didn`t have all the ingredients. I used passata instead of tinned tomatoes. And left out the nutmeg altogether.
When I`m doing this roulade again- that will be very soon and often-I will have the nutmeg to hand. I will destalk the spinach before cooking and I will have mastered how to rouler a roulade.

Anyway, on with the cooking….

Remove the stalks from the spinach and cook in a little water for two minutes, until it begins to wilt. Remove from the heat immediately, drain well and chop finely.
Melt the butter over a low heat and cook the onion until translucent. Then add the flour and cook for two minutes. Gradually stir in the milk, increase the heat slightly and stir continuously until the mixture gets very thick. Remove from the heat and add the eggs yolks and cheese. Season with S & P and nutmeg and then transfer into a large bowl.

Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they form soft peaks. Then fold in carefully into the spinach mixture. Pour into a greased and lined 30×23 cm Swiss roll tin and bake at 200C/400F/Gas mark 6 ,for 6 to 10 minutes until it has risen, and is firm to the touch.

For the filling, gently sauté the onion in olive oil for 10 minutes without colouring. Add the garlic, chilli and roasted peppers and cook for two minutes. Add the tomatoes and cook uncovered until the mixture has reduced in volume by half. Season to taste and leave to cool slightly.

Now for the fun bit…

Turn the roulade out onto a piece of foil and then peel off the backing foil. Spread the cooled pepper mixture over the top and roll up.

Unfortunately, mine didn`t rouler so well. I think I overfilled it. Still, it was no impediment to me or the Teen Chooks eating it. In fact Fussy Girl Chook declared it “quite edible”. Ah, praise at last…

Greedy chook that I am, I had it for lunch too. On a wet miserable Irish day such as today I felt like I`d Mediterranean sunshine all wrapped up on my plate.

Oh and I`ve been pounding the roads too. Cycled fourteen miles Sunday, ran four miles yesterday and Girl Chook made me walk two miles today. Looks like I`ve had enough of the Great Outdoors for now.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Roulade

  1. Now you best rest! I take it the two mile walk was linked directly with shopping? Only way any of my madams would want me to walk, via Primark etc!

    • Oh, I`m in the same boat. Primark is Penney`s here and she loves it. Another excuse we have for lengthening our walks is to explore a part of town we`re less familiar with. It`s turned out to be a lovely time for me anyway, as I also get to catch up on the chat with Teen Girl too.

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