Lazy Day

And the Lazy Award goes to...

And the Lazy Award goes to…

Boy, did I struggle to get out the door today. Got through the work day, the scheduled evening appointment, the research for new vacuum cleaner, the dinner. And then, BAM! I fell into the sofa and hadn`t the will to ease myself out of it.

Oh, you know how it is…Laptop open, chocolate to nibble at, and rain pouring in sheets down the window panes. Every reason in the world to stay in. Well, I faffed about for an hour or more, feeling worse and worse about myself. Fooled myself for a while into thinking I was saving the world by surfing the net.

But Hal kept nagging and Juneathon guilt chomped away at my sloth until I slipped on the lycra gear and hit the road.

Decided to take a very old familiar route in town. The rain had turned into a steady mist by that time and it was 9.30 pm. Enough reasons for me to feel less than zippy. So I decided to opt for neither speed nor mileage but to salvage some enjoyment from the run.

That was just as well. My form really was crap. Maybe I`d needed another rest after all? The whole way through (two measly miles) I felt there is no way I`m going to be fit enough for a half marathon next month. And maybe I won`t be.

The plus side was that, in my quest for enjoyment, I dived down a side street and discovered a new route to the riverside. Oh joy! Who doesn`t love to run by water?

A pity about my form though. I did try to vary the pace in the hopes of finding some kind of kick in me. But all I found is the sense of major slippage in my running fitness.

Just noting it here, because hopefully, I`ll look back at this, having found the cause of the poor form and sorted it.

For now, I just have to be happy with finding a new route and with Juneathon giving me the boot out the door to run another couple of miles.

Maybe I can take the lazy badge off for another while.

8 thoughts on “Lazy Day

  1. One rarely recognised joy of running. You can nip up pathways, tracks, alleys to explore where they lead without being taken for a stalker or robber, just a bit of a jogging nut job 🙂

  2. Great job just getting off the couch and getting out the door. I definitely know that feeling–the longer I put off the run and the longer I am on the couch, the less likely it is that I will ever get back up! Two miles for pleasure sounds wonderful!

  3. Oops, sorry, I`d omitted this blog post title. Amended now but maybe my poor form is not just confined to running! Thanks for your comment and yes,I can`t imagine there`s any jogger out there who doesn`t enjoy a river view.

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