Yesterday`s Entry.

Yoga pose

Juneathon Day Fourteen, and I`m longing to worship the sun again. Damned rain.

Anyone living in Ireland bears the possibility of skipping summer entirely. We spend the whole winter hunched over, head down against slanting knives of cold rain with merely a sliver of hope for a bit of warmth in the year. Then, the very second the sun decides to edge our way, we instantly strip off longing to soak up some of its heat. Two days later, we`re all muffled up again, scowling under leaden clouds.

And so it was today. By evening time the downpour had turned monsoon-like. Minus the tropical heat, of course. Run in that? You must be kidding me. I made Key Lime Pie, instead, and imagined I was living in Florida whining about the humidity and the heat.

And, to fulfil my exercise obligations, I practised a little yoga.

Yoga is something I used to do a lot of before I discovered running. Running makes yoga seem lazy and I really struggle to find the mindset for all that stretching and laying about these days. I used to do a lot of meditation in the past also, but running can take of that too. I usually get to a point during my long slow runs where I am just cruising along with my mind in a place of perfect calm. That does my meditation these days.

So the girl in the pic? Yes, she`s the image of me. Perfect hour glass shape, perfect pose. I`m just two stone heavier and half a yard shorter, that`s all. The sky on the other hand is all wrong. Definitely not an Irish sky. At least not this week. Next week, maybe, who knows?

Maybe I should just take one reminder from this Juneathon day. Any good yogi would live in the moment. Don`t fret about what`s behind or what`s ahead. Feel the rain and know, like everything else, it won`t go on forever.

Footnote 1: This entry failed to post last night because my internet server fecked up.
Footnote 2: Key Lime Pie entry to follow shortly. It`s the easiest peasiest coolest most tropical and delicious dessert you`ll ever make.

6 thoughts on “Yesterday`s Entry.

  1. Can we organise a mass exodus for next juneathon to somewhere warm and dry? I think being calm and beautiful inside is very dependant on it being calm. warm, dry and beautiful outside.
    But yes, let’s live in the moment and remember what is good now, it may be Key Lime Pie….

  2. England is like Ireland at the moment, though with marginally more sun. Mind you, the best rain I’ve ever been in was Irish. Watching children demonstrate their Irish dancing on a stage in a field, and elderly gentlemen discussing horse trading, all in the pouring rain. Very memorable.

    • Ah no, don`t tell me I forgot to put a title on that last post too! Damn!

      Thank you for your comment, MF. Can`t let the weather stop us, for sure. Getting out there shortly, hoping for better weather too.

      • The weather turned out so lovely. No rain, but full sun. And fairly warm. Could not ask for better weather in fact πŸ™‚ The hike took us more than 5 hours, so we’re all laying flat here πŸ™‚
        Hope you had a good run!

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