Mary Berry`s Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie As an antidote to all the Juneathon activities, you just have to treat yourself to this confection of lusciousness. And, the best bit is, it`s easy to make. The base is made by crushing 150g digestive biscuits. This is best done with the biscuits in a freezer bag. Think of someone you really dislike while smashing the biscuits with a rolling pin. I`ve crushed whole truckloads with this method. Bung 65g butter into a pan and melt over a low heat. Add the crush biscuit along with 25g Demerara sugar. Mix well and spread across the base of a loose bottomed 20 cm springform tin. I ended up with a slightly bigger tin so I just added more of the biscuit/sugar mix and ran it up to the sides of the tin too. Pop in the fridge til you need it. You will make the filling laughing. Take the rind off a lime with a zester. Juice four large limes. Then put the lime juice into a mixing bowl with 33 ml of double cream and 400g of condensed milk. ( Yes, pure poison, I know). Mix until well blended, then pour over the biscuit base. Chill for several hours. When set, the pie can be decorated very effectively with the lime rind. Of course, I didn`t have a zester to remove the rind, so I had to settle for the very clunky lime chunks. But the Key Lime pie tasted the same, anyhow. I loved the mix of bitter and sweet. Irrestible!

13 thoughts on “Mary Berry`s Key Lime Pie

  1. The 33 mls of cream in the key lime pie is not enough. In all the other recipes I have, it states 300 mls of double cream. I used this recipe the first time I made key lime pie and it wasn’t good. Use 300 mls. Fabulous result.

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  3. That does sound delicious. I just need to work out a gluten-free alternative to digestive biscuits, and I’ll be trying that. I really love condensed milk. By the spoonful. Mmmmm!

      • Yes… we can get our hands on many items but as for the sausage and ‘biltong’ (beef jerky)…

        I’m slowly but surely taking steps to make my own… my family scoffed the sausage on both occasions that I’ve made it… sans casings. I still have to get my hands on good casings…

        Anyway… I’ll surely tell you about my exploits when I’m ready!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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