Bye, bye, Juneathon!

Let`s celebrate!

Let`s celebrate!

Yippee! Juneathon`s over! Is anyone as relieved as I am?

No more guilt for skipping the day`s exercise.
No more daily blog posts
Hey, no more poor quality blog entries.

Okay, we`ll see about that last one.

But good old Juneathon has done me a quite a few favours too.

It has pushed my ass out the door when I felt like laying around.
It made me take out my bike once.
It has introduced me to many more fellow Juneathoners/mad people.
It coincided nicely with my Half Marathon training plan and the mileage increase needed for that.

So I bade farewell to Juneathon in fitting style today.

And made my Long Slow Run the longest I`ve done this year: twelve miles.

For me, that`s pushing the boat out because getting past the ten mile barrier means falling back into foot pain and back pain territory. The foot issue-inflamed ligaments-has been pretty much ongoing since last October`s marathon. The back pain is a more recent addition.

Luckily today, I plodded along without a bother for most of the route. Sure, tedium and laziness set in for the first few miles. Then I hit a euphoric patch. Only to crumble again mid way. I took a break for water and to stretch right then and there. That was a huge help. But when Mile Eleven hit, my feet were screaming and my back was joining in with the din.

I only squished that last mile out by taking it in intervals-just literally taking it one patch at a time, promising myself if I really needed to, I could stop at the next bush/telegraph pole/house or whatever else I had staked out on the horizon. And, in that fashion, I got it done.

I didn`t do my usual trick of racing into the car afterwards either. Instead I ambled around the shopping centre where I had parked, just to stretch out everything and avoid the backache that the car seems to aggravate.

I know last year I swam a lot more and I really think that helped ease a lot of the achiness.

Who`s for a swim?

Who`s for a swim?

But, as it happens, tomorrow is the start of sea swim season in this neck of the woods. Sure, we can swim whenever we want, but a lot of folk like myself, prefer to wait until summer kicks in. A dip in the Irish Sea even then, is still a chilly, but very invigorating, experience.

I like to think that all that salt has curative powers and that the exercise in itself is better than any massage. Going to bag myself some of that over the next couple of months.

So yes, Juneathon is over. It`s brought a lot of joy to many of us, a lot of learning, and a lot of mileage.

Let`s move on to more challenges now and have more fun!

11 thoughts on “Bye, bye, Juneathon!

  1. Me I am as relieved as you are Juneathon is done, no I must be more relieved believe me no one can be as relieved as I am that today there is no exercise and blog ok there might be one or the other, but not both.
    Good luck with the sea swim!

    • I think some bloggers sign up to do a daily post for the year. That`s definitely not for me. Not that I was such a wonderful Juneathonner either but it did help my motivation on the jogging front anyway.

  2. Good luck with the Irish Sea swimming. I swam in the Atlantic, off Donegal last year. Well – about 50 strokes I think, it was COLD! Invigorating though – I was very pleased I did it.

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