A message for my fellow bloggers…

Thanks to pfstare who already reblogged the following post, I trotted off to my spam folder yesterday. Found four of my favourite bloggers in there. They`ve commented a LOT in the past and have never hit the Spam folder so I`ve no idea how they got into the spam pit.

My email notifications have largely died. And my reader is acting up too. So I`m trying to root you all out the long slow hard way. I love commenting, so if you haven`t heard from me, maybe I`m in your Spam folder too.

With thanks to Pfstare and Vanessa Chapman.

Vanessa-Jane Chapman


Over the last week, WordPress, or rather Akismet spam catcher, has been putting most of the comments I leave on other people’s blogs into their spam folder. This does happen sometimes to us genuine bloggers, where for some reason we get blacklisted; I understand it’s happening to a few other people at the moment. I have reported myself to Akismet for this. Akismet does a great job of filtering out spam, and it’s understandable that it won’t always get it 100% right.

So if I usually comment on your posts, and haven’t this week, please check if I’m in your spam folder and release me! I checked my own spam folder this morning and found a real person in there! I haven’t commented as much over the last week because it’s frustrating to take time to write a thoughtful comment, only for it to disappear, so if I’m not hiding…

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5 thoughts on “A message for my fellow bloggers…

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  3. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve found my comments in the spam folder too – including an offer of brownies which would have been a great loss.

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